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ES1938 شرح
ESS Technology, Inc.
PCI AudioDrive® Solution
Product Brief
The ES1938 PCI AudioDrive® solution implements a single-chip
PCI audio solution, providing high-quality audio processing while
maintaining full legacy DOS game compatibility. With a dynamic
range over 80 dB, the ES1938 complies with the Microsoft® PC
98 / PC 99 specifications and meets WHQL audio requirements.
The ES1938 forms a complete audio subsystem on a single chip
for motherboard platforms.
The ES1938 incorporates a microcontroller, ESFMTM music
synthesizer, 16-bit stereo wave ADC and DAC, 16-bit stereo
music DAC, MPU-401 UART mode serial port, dual game port,
hardware master volume control, a serial port interface to
external wavetable music synthesizer, DMA control logic with
FIFO, and PCI bus interface logic. There are three stereo inputs
(typically, line-in, CD audio, and auxiliary line) and a mono
microphone input.
The ES1938 provides a serial EEPROM interface for ease of
programming the Subsystem ID and Subsystem Vendor ID.
The ES1938 integrates the ESS Technology field-proven
hardware design for DOS game compatibility with hardware FM
synthesis (ESFM synthesis) and three methods for legacy audio
control interface: PC/PCI, Distributed DMA, and Transparent
DMA. Transparent DMA requires no sideband signals from PC
core logic chipsets in addition to the standard PCI 2.2 bus.
Transparent DMA (TDMA) is compatible with the
Intel®Pentium®, Pentium II®, and Celeron™ chipsets, as well
as standard PCI add-in cards.
The ES1938 can record, compress, and play back voice, sound,
and music with built-in mixer controls. It supports stereo
full-duplex operation for simultaneous record and playback. The
ESFM synthesizer has extended capabilities within native mode
operation providing superior sound and power-down capabilities.
The ES1938 also incorporates Spatializer® VBXtechnology,
provided by Desper Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Spatializer
Audio Laboratories, Inc. This processor expands the stereo
sound field emitted by two speakers to create a resonant 3D
sound environment.
The ES1938 is compliant with Advanced Power Management
(APM) 1.2, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
1.0, and PCI Power Management Interface (PPMI) 1.0.
It is available in an industry-standard 100-pin low-profile quad flat
pack (LQFP) package.
Single, high-performance, mixed-signal, 16-bit stereo VLSI chip
PCI parallel bus interface, revision 2.2
Full native DOS games compatibility, via three technologies:
High-quality ESFM music synthesizer
Dynamic range (SNR) over 80 dB
Integrated Spatializer 3D VBX stereo audio effects processor
provided by Desper Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Spatializer
Audio Laboratories, Inc.
Record and Playback Features
Record, compress, and play back voice, sound, and music
16-bit stereo ADC and DAC
Programmable independent sample rates from 6 kHz up to
48 kHz for record and playback
Full-duplex operation for simultaneous record and playback
2-wire hardware volume control for up, down, and mute
Inputs and Outputs
Stereo inputs for line-in, auxiliary A (CD audio), and auxiliary B,
and a mono input for microphone
MPU-401 (UART mode) interface for wavetable synthesizers
and MIDI devices
Integrated dual game port
Separate mono input (MONO_IN) and mono output
(MONO_OUT) for speakerphone
Mixer Features
7-channel mixer with stereo inputs for line, CD audio, auxiliary
line, music synthesizer, digital audio (wave files), and mono
inputs for microphone and speakerphone
Programmable 6-bit logarithmic master volume control
Advanced power management meets APM 1.2, ACPI 1.0, and
PPMI 1.0 standards
Supports PC games and applications for SoundBlasterTM and
SoundBlaster ProTM
Meets PC 98 / PC 99 and WHQL specifications
ESS Technology, Inc.

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