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شماره قطعه QN8006L
شرح مفصل High Performance Digital FM Transceiver
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QN8006L شرح
Product Brief QN8006/8006L
High Performance Digital FM Transceiver for Portable Devices
________ General Description ________
The QN8006 is a high performance, low power, full-
featured single-chip stereo FM transceiver designed for cell
phones, GPS personal navigation devices, portable
audio/video players, and automotive accessories. The
QN8006 covers frequencies from 76 MHz to 108 MHz in
50/100/200 kHz step sizes for worldwide FM band support.
www.DataSheeTt4hUe.cQomN8006 also supports RDS/RBDS data transmit and
The QN8006 integrates both FM receiving and transmitting
functions, including RF front-end circuits (PA, LNA, and
channel selective filter), full digital FM modulator/
demodulator, MPX codec, pre-emphasis/de-emphasis and
feature-rich audio processing (audio AGC, soft clipping,
SM, HCC, and SNC). Auto Seek and clear channel scan
functions enable automatic channel selection for best sound
quality. Integrated antenna tuning eases antenna matching
in real applications. The QN8006 provides both digital and
analog audio interfaces. 2-wire and 3-wire digital control
interfaces provide simple access to programmable functions.
Advanced digital architecture enables superior receiver
sensitivity, crystal clear audio, unsurpassed spectral purity,
ultra-low harmonic and spurious levels, and high immunity
to TDMA burst noise. The QN8006 is ideal for cellular
handsets and GPS personal navigation applications.
The QN8006’s small footprint, high integration with
minimum external component count, and support for
multiple clock frequencies make it easy to integrate into a
variety of small form-factor low-power portable
applications. Integrated low-phase noise digital synthesizers
and extensive on-chip auto calibration ensures robust
consistent performance over temperature and process
variations. An integrated voltage regulator enables direct
connection to a battery and provides high PSRR for superior
noise suppression. A low-power idle mode extends battery
ESD protection is on all pins. The QN8006 is fabricated in
highly reliable CMOS technology.
__________ Key Features __________
Worldwide FM Band Receive and Transmit
76 MHz to 108 MHz full band tuning in
50/100/200 kHz step sizes
50/75μs pre-emphasis and de-emphasis
Ease of Integration
Small footprint, 4 x 4 x 0.85mm QFN24
Only 2 external passive components required
Adaptive antenna tuning
Low cellular and GPS band spurs
High Immunity to TDMA (GSM/GPRS) burst noise
Multiple crystal frequencies supported
2- and 3-wire control interfaces
Very Low Power Consumption
11.5mA (Transmit Mode), 18.8mA (Receive Mode)
Integrated voltage regulator, direct connect to battery
Power saving idle and standby modes
Low shutdown leakage current
High Performance FM Receiver (FMR)
Superior sensitivity 1.4µVEMF
66dB Stereo SNR, 0.03% THD
High interference rejection
Integrated audio processing (SNC, HCC, SM)
Auto Seek
High Performance FM Transmitter (FMT)
66dB Stereo SNR, 0.03% THD
Maximum 124dBuV RF output level with 42dB
adjustable range
Integrated Clear Channel Scan
RDS/RBDS Transmit & Receive
Supports US and European data service,
including TMC (Traffic Messaging Channel)
(not available in QN8006L)
Flexible Audio Interfaces
Digital audio interface supports I2S and a variety of
PCM data formats with 4 different data rates
Programmable analog audio input/output
Integrated audio AGC and soft clipping
Robust Operation
-250C to +850C operation
ESD protection on all input and output pads
____________________________ Typical Applications ____________________________
ƒ Cell Phones / PDAs / Smart Phones
ƒ Portable Audio & Media Players
ƒ GPS Personal Navigation Devices
ƒ Automotive and Accessories
Rev 0.3a (05/08)
Copyright ©2008 by Quintic Corporation

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