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دیتاشیت - Radiometrix - (BIM-418-40 / BIM-433-40) Low Power UHF Data Transceiver Module

شماره قطعه BIM-418-40
شرح مفصل (BIM-418-40 / BIM-433-40) Low Power UHF Data Transceiver Module
تولید کننده Radiometrix 
آرم Radiometrix 

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BIM-418-40 شرح
Hartcran House, Gibbs Couch, Watford, WD19 5EZ, England
Issue 3, 13 July 2001
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8428 1220, Fax: +44 (0) 20 8428 1221
Low Power UHF Data Transceiver Module
UK Version - BiM-418-40
Euro Version - BiM-433-40
The BiM-418-40 and BiM-433-40 are
miniature UHF radio modules
capable of half duplex data
transmission at speeds upto 40 Kbit/s
over distances of 30 metres "in-
building" and 120 metres open ground
Miniature PCB Mounting module
Licence Exempt operation in UK on 418MHz, MPT 1340 (BiM-418-40)
ETS 300-220 tested for European use on 433.92 MHz (BiM-433-40)
SAW controlled FM transmission at -6dBm ERP.
Double conversion Superhet receiver
-107dBm receive sensitivity
Single 4.5 to 5.5V supply < 15mA (tx or rx)
Half duplex data at upto 40 kbit/s
Reliable 30 metre in-building range
Direct interface to 5V CMOS logic
Fast 1ms power up enable for duty cycle power saving
On board data slicer, supply switches and antenna change over.
BiM-UHF transceiver
The module integrates a low power UHF FM transmitter and matching superhet receiver together with
the data recovery and TX/RX change over circuits to provide a low cost solution to implementing a Bi-
directional short range radio data link. The high data rates (upto 40kbit/s) and fast TX/RX changeover
(<1ms) make the BiM transceiver ideal for high integrity one to one links / multi-node packet switch
networks. Rapid RX power up ( <1ms ) allows effective duty cycle power saving of the receiver for
battery powered applications
(e.g. 15µA average @ 1ms ON : 1sec OFF).
Typical applications :-
Medium speed computer networks
Laptop > PC > printer links
High integrity wireless Fire / Security alarms
Building environment control / monitoring
Vehicle alarm systems
Remote meter reading
Authorisation / Access control
Radiometrix Ltd, BiM Data Sheet
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