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شماره قطعه YNC12S20
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YNC12S20 شرح
YNC12S20 DC-DC Converter Data Sheet
9.6-14 VDC Input; 0.7525-5.5 VDC Programmable @ 20 A
The Products: Y-Series
Intermediate Bus Architectures
Data communications
Distributed Power Architectures
Servers, workstations
High efficiency – no heat sink required
Reduces total solution board area
Tape and reel packing
Compatible with pick & place equipment
Minimizes part numbers in inventory
RoHS lead-free solder and lead-solder-exempted
products are available
Delivers up to 20 A (100 W)
Extended input range 9.6 V – 14 V
High efficiency (0.94 at 5 V output)
Surface-mount package
Industry-standard footprint and pinout
Small size and low profile: 1.30” x 0.53” x 0.314”
(33.02 x 13.46 x 7.98 mm)
Weight: 0.22 oz [6.12 g]
Coplanarity less than 0.003”, maximum
Synchronous Buck Converter topology
Source and sink capable
Start-up into pre-biased output
No minimum load required
Programmable output voltage via external resistor
Operating ambient temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C
Remote output sense
Remote ON/OFF (Positive or Negative)
Fixed-frequency operation
Auto-reset output overcurrent protection
Auto-reset overtemperature protection
High reliability, MTBF = TBD Million Hours
All materials meet UL94, V-0 flammability rating
UL 60950 recognition in U.S. & Canada, and DEMKO
certification per IEC/EN 60950
The YNC12S20 non-isolated DC-DC converter delivers up to 20 A of output current in an industry-standard
surface-mount package. Operating from a 9.6 to 14 VDC input, the YNC12S20 converter is an ideal choice
for Intermediate Bus Architectures where point-of-load power delivery is generally a requirement. It provides a
resistor-programmable regulated output voltage of 0.7525V to 5.5V.
The Y-Series converters provide exceptional thermal performance, even in high temperature environments
with minimal airflow. This is accomplished through the use of circuit, packaging and processing techniques to
achieve ultra-high efficiency, excellent thermal management and a very low body profile.
The low body profile and the preclusion of heat sinks minimize impedance to system airflow, thus enhancing
cooling for both upstream and downstream devices. The use of 100% automation for assembly, coupled with
advanced power electronics and thermal design, results in a product with extremely high reliability.
OCT 12, 2006 revised to APR 23, 2007
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