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شماره قطعه 6VM1
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6VM1 شرح
M Series
CORCOM Product Guide
Power Entry Module with Optional RFI Power Line Filters for General and
Medical Applications
UL Recognized
CSA Certified
VDE Approved
M Series
The M series power entry modules offer the most choices
of power entry components and filtering options to fit a
specific need. The fully configured M series expands the
options of a manufacturer whose products are marketed
worldwide. One component, fully assembled and tested,
provides the capability of interfacing a multi-voltage power
supply to any common voltage or fusing scheme in the
world, without modification.
•The IEC connector provides an internationally accepted
power entry termination, which can be used with a variety
of line cords.
•The selectable fuseholder allows use of single or dual
European fuses, or a single North American fuse.
•The optional DPST on/off switch breaks both sides of the
line and is labeled with the international I/O markings.
•The optional voltage selector provides a convenient
means to change transformer primary connection,
and it is available in both 2-voltage and 4-voltage
•The series is available with four filter circuits to meet a
variety of applications, and convenient connections are
provided on unfiltered models to allow wiring of a
separate RFI filter.
The M series is a family of components offering greater
flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the selection of primary
power components. Wiring to the modules is accom-
plished via .110” terminals for labor savings and
FM Models – General purpose RFI filter designed for sus-
ceptibility applications, effectively providing RFI control of
line-to-ground noise. The design is compact and meets
the very low leakage current requirements of VDE portable
equipment as well as (120 Volt) UL544 non-patient medical
XM Models – High performance RFI filter designed to bring
most digital equipment (including switching power
supplies) into compliance with FCC Part 15J, Class B
conducted emissions limits.
ZM Models – Premium RFI filter designed to bring most
digital equipment (including switching power supplies) into
compliance with EN55022, Level B (as well as FCC Part
15J, Class B) conducted emissions limits.
Fuse Installation Instructions
Four filter circuits provide a choice of attenuation tailored to
specific categories of susceptibility and emissions needs.
HM Models – This medical filter provides susceptibility
protection without the leakage current associated with
line-to-ground capacitors. Designed to allow equipment
to meet UL544 for patient care and non-patient care
equipment, the HM filter has a maximum leakage current
of 2 µA at 120 VAC 60 Hz. See Appendix C for more
information on medical applications and UL standards.
1. Remove power cord.
2. Pry door open at socket.
3. Lift and swing door into socket.
4. Lift fuse holder out of housing.
5. Install one (1) AG fuse or two (2) metric fuses*.
6. Replace fuse holder into housing.
7. Swing and snap door back in place.
*Install fuses on one side only, do not install both AG and metric fuses at the
same time.
Catalog 1654001
Revised 05-07
Dimensions are in inches and
millimeters unless otherwise
specified. Values in italics
are metric equivalents.
Dimensions are shown for
reference purposes only.
Specifications subject
to change.
USA Cust. Svc.: 1-800-468-2023
CORCOM Prods: 1-847-680-7400
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