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شماره قطعه XN1049
شرح مفصل Switch Power Supply PWM Controller
تولید کننده Innuovo 
آرم Innuovo 

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XN1049 شرح
XN1049 Switch Power Supply PWM Controller
XN1049 Switch Power Supply PWM Controller
General Description
XN1049 which is optimized for high performance is a
highly integrated current mode PWM control IC. It is
applied for switch power of the small-sized and
medium-sized for example the power adaptor. For
lower the standby power and higher RoHS compliant,
the IC has the Burst Mode function and very low
startup current and working current. At the condition
of no load or light load, the IC operates in extended
‘burst mode’ to minimize switching loss by lower the
switching frequency. The low startup current and low
operating current contribute to a reliable power on
startup design with XN1049. A large value resistor
could thus be used in the startup circuit to minimize
the power consumption and improve the efficiency of
the power convent.
The internal synchronous slope compensation circuit
improves system large signal stability and reduces the
possible subharmonic oscillation at high PWM duty
cycle output. Leading-edge blanking on current
sense(CS) input removes the signal glitch due to
snubber circuit diode reverse recovery and thus
greatly reduces the external component count and
system cost in the design. XN1049 offers complete
protection coverage with automatic self-recovery
feature including over current protection cycle by
cycle (OCP), over load protection (OLP), under
voltage lockout (UVLO). The gate-driven output is
clamped to maximum 18V to protect the external
MOSFET. Excellent EMI performance is achieved by
using the frequency jitter and the soft-switching at the
totem-pole-gate-drive output. The tone energy at
below 20KHZ is minimized in the design and audio
noise is eliminated during operation. The IC can be
used as the best alternative products of the linear
power supply or the RCC-mode power to improve the
whole performance of the switch power system and
lower the cost. XN1049 is offered in SOT23-6, SOP-8
and DIP-8 packages.
„ Extended burst mode control for improving
efficiency and minimum standby power
„ Low startup current(4uA)
„ Low operation current(1.4mA)
„ Leading edge blanking was built in
„ Synchronous slope compensation was built in
„ Current mode operates
„ External programmable PWM switching
„ Over current protection cycle by cycle(OCP)
„ Good protection coverage with auto self-
„ VDD over voltage clamp and under voltage
lockout with hysteresis (UVLO)
„ Maximum gate-drive output clamped voltage
„ Frequency jitter
„ Constant limited output power
„ Over load protection(OLP)
„ Free audio noise operation
Xi’an Innuovo Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
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June, 2008
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