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شرح مفصل Slotted Optical Switch
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OPB472N11 شرح
Photologic® Slotted Optical Switch
OPB460, OPB470, OPB480, OPB490 Series
 Choice of pins or wires mounting configuration
 Choice of aperture
 Choice of output configuration
 Choice of opaque or IR transmissive shell material
 Data rates to 250 kBaud
 Low power consumption
The OPB460, OPB470, OPB480 and OPB490 series of Photologic® photo integrated circuit switches provide
optimum flexibility for the design engineer. Building from a standard housing with a 0.125” (3.180 mm) wide slot, a
user can specify the type and polarity of TTL output, discrete shell material, aperture width and choice of mounting
configurations. OPB460 through OPB473 have 0.425” (10.795 mm) PCBoard leads with 0.320” (8.1 mm)
spacing. OPB480 through OPB493 have 24” (609 mm) 26 AWG wires (UL approved wires).
All devices in this series exhibit performance over supply voltages ranging from 4.5 V to 16.0 V, and may be
specified as buffered or inverted with 10 kW Pull-up or Open Collector output. Devices are also TTI/LSTTL
compatible and can drive up to 10 TTL loads.
Custom electrical, wire and cabling and connectors are available. Contact your local representative or OPTEK for
more information.
Mechanical switch replacement
Speed indication (tachometer)
Mechanical limit indication
Edge sensing
Part Number Guide — OPB460, OPB470, OPB480, OPB490 Series
OPB 4 X X X 1 1 X
OPTEK Assembly
Photologic™ Sensor Family
Discrete Housing Material:
6 — Transmissive Shell, PCBoard Mountable
7 — Opaque Shell, PCBoard Mountable
8 — Transmissive Shell, Wire Termination
9 — Opaque Shell, Wire Termination
Electrical Specifications:
0 — Buffered 10 kOutput
1 — Buffered Open-Collector Output
2 — Inverted 10 kOutput
3 — Inverted Open-Collector Output
All PCBoard Versions RoHS Compliant:
Z = Wire Version RoHS Compliant
Sensor Aperture:
1 = 0.010” [0.25 mm]
Emitter Aperture:
1 = 0.010” [0.25 mm]
Mounting Configurations:
L — Emitter side mounting tab only
N — No mounting tabs
P — Sensor side mounting tab only
T — Two mounting tabs
OPTEK reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to improve design and to supply the best product possible.
OPTEK Technology Inc. — 1645 Wallace Drive, Carrollton, Texas 75006
Phone: (972) 323-2200 or (800) 341-4747
FAX: (972) 323-2396
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