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شماره قطعه 54ABT245
شرح مفصل Octal Bidirectional Transceiver
تولید کننده National Semiconductor 
آرم National Semiconductor 

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54ABT245 شرح
March 1996
54ABT 74ABT245
Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Outputs
General Description
The ’ABT245 contains eight non-inverting bidirectional buff-
ers with TRI-STATE outputs and is intended for bus-orient-
ed applications Current sinking capability is 64 mA on both
the A and B ports The Transmit Receive (T R) input deter-
mines the direction of data flow through the bidirectional
transceiver Transmit (active HIGH) enables data from A
ports to B ports Receive (active LOW) enables data from B
ports to A ports The Output Enable input when HIGH dis-
ables both A and B ports by placing them in a High Z condi-
Y Bidirectional non-inverting buffers
Y A and B output sink capability of 64 mA source capa-
bility of 32 mA
Y Guaranteed output skew
Y Guaranteed multiple output switching specifications
Y Output switching specified for both 50 pF and 250 pF
Y Guaranteed simultaneous switching noise level and dy-
namic threshold performance
Y Guaranteed latchup protection
Y High impedance glitch-free bus loading during entire
power up and power down cycle
Y Non-destructive hot insertion capability
Y Disable time is less than enable time to avoid bus
Y Standard Military Drawing (SMD) 5962-9214801
Package Description
74ABT245CSC (Note 1)
M20B 20-Lead (0 300 Wide) Molded Small Outline JEDEC
74ABT245CSJ (Note 1)
M20D 20-Lead (0 300 Wide) Molded Small Outline EIAJ
N20B 20-Lead (0 300 Wide) Molded Dual-In-Line
54ABT245J 883 J20A 20-Lead Ceramic Dual-In-Line
74ABT245CMSA (Note 1)
MSA20 20-Lead Molded Shrink Small Outline EIAJ Type II
54ABT245W 883 W20A 20-Lead Cerpak
54ABT245E 883 E20A 20-Lead Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier Type C
74ABT245CMTC (Notes 1 2)
MTC20 20-Lead Molded Thin Shrink Small Outline JEDEC
Note 1 Devices also available in 13 reel Use suffix e SCX SJX MSAX and MTCX
Note 2 Contact factory for package availability
Logic Symbol
Connection Diagrams
Pin Assignment for DIP
Flatpak SSOP and SOIC
Pin Assignment for LCC
TL F 10945–1
TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
C1996 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 10945
TL F 10945 – 5
RRD-B30M36 Printed in U S A
TL F 10945 – 3
http www national com

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