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شماره قطعه Pm25LV010A
شرح مفصل Serial Flash Memory
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Pm25LV010A شرح
Pm25LV512A / 010A / 020 / 040
512 Kbit /1 Mbit / 2 Mbit / 4 Mbit 3.0 Volt-only,
Serial Flash Memory With 100 MHz SPI Bus Interface
Single Power Supply Operation
- Low voltage range: 2.7 V - 3.6 V
• Memory Organization
- Pm25LV512A: 64K x 8 (512 Kbit)
- Pm25LV010A: 128K x 8 (1 Mbit)
- Pm25LV020: 256K x 8 (2 Mbit)
- Pm25LV040: 512K x 8 (4 Mbit)
Cost Effective Sector/Block Architecture
- 512Kb : Uniform 4Kbyte sectors / Two uniform
32Kbyte blocks
- 1Mb : Uniform 4Kbyte sectors / Four uniform
32Kbyte blocks
- 2Mb : Uniform 4Kbyte sectors / Four uniform
64Kbyte blocks
- 4Mb : Uniform 4Kbyte sectors / Eight uniform
64Kbyte blocks
- Bottom sector is configurable as one 4Kbyte sector
or four 1Kbyte sectors (except Pm25LV512A)
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible
- Supports SPI Modes 0 (0,0) and 3 (1,1)
- Maximum 33 MHz clock rate for normal read
- Maximum 100 MHz clock rate for fast read
Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) Operation
- Typical 2 ms per page program
Sector, Block or Chip Erase Operation
- Typical 60 ms sector, block or chip erase
Software Write Protection
- The Block Protect (BP2, BP1, BP0) bits allow partial
or entire memory to be configured as read-only
Hardware Write Protection
- Protect and unprotect the device from write operation
by Write Protect (WP#) Pin
Low Power Consumption
- Typical 10 mA active read current
- Typical 15 mA program/erase current
High Product Endurance
- Guarantee 200,000 program/erase cycles per single
- Minimum 20 years data retention
Industrial Standard Pin-out and Package
- 8-pin 150mil SOIC
- 8-pin 208mil SOIC for Pm25LV040
- 8-pin 300mil PDIP for Pm25LV040
- 8-contact WSON
- 8-pin TSSOP for Pm25LV512A
The Pm25LV512A/010A/020/040 are 512Kbit/1 Mbit/2 Mbit/4 Mbit 3.0 Volt-only Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Flash memories. The devices are designed to support 33 MHz fastest clock rate in the industry in normal read
mode, 100 MHz in fast read mode and the bottom 4 Kbyte sector into four smaller 1 Kbyte sectors features(except
Pm25LV512A). The devices use a single low voltage, ranging from 2.7 Volt to 3.6 Volt, power supply to perform
read, erase and program operations. The devices can be programmed in standard EPROM programmers as well.
The Pm25LV512A/010A is backward compatible to their predecessors Pm25LV512/010.
The Pm25LV512A/010A/020/040 are accessed through a 4-wire SPI Interface consists of Serial Data Input (Sl),
Serial Data Output (SO), Serial Clock (SCK), and Chip Enable (CE#) pins. The devices support page program
mode, 1 to 256 bytes data can be programmed into the memory in one program operation. The memory of
Pm25LV512A/010A is divided into uniform 4 Kbyte sectors or uniform 32 Kbyte blocks (sector group - consists of
eight adjacent sectors) for data or code storage. The memory of Pm25LV020/040 are divided into uniform 4 Kbyte
sectors or uniform 64 Kbyte blocks (sector group - consists of sixteen adjacent sectors). The devices have an
innovative feature to configure the bottom 4 Kbyte sector into four smaller 1 Kbyte sectors for eliminating additional
serial EEPROM needed for storing data. This is a further cost reduction for overall system.
The Pm25LV512A/010A/020/040 are manufactured on pFLASH™’s advanced nonvolatile technology. The devices
are offered in 8-pin SOIC, 8-contact WSON and 8-pin PDIP (Pm25LV040) packages with operation frequency up to
100 MHz in fast read and 33 MHz in normal read mode.
Chingis Technology Corporation
1 Issue Date: Feb., 2009, Rev: 3.5

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