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شرح مفصل High-speed solid state detectors
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C30921SH شرح
Photon Detection
C30902 and C30921 Series
High-speed solid state detectors for low light level applications
The C30902EH series of avalanche photodiodes is ideal for a wide range of applications,
including LIDAR, range-finding, small-signal fluorescence, photon counting and bar code
Excelitas Technologies’ C30902EH series of avalanche photodiodes is fabricated
with a double-diffused “reach-through” structure. This structure provides high
responsivity between 400 and 1000 nm as well as extremely fast rise and fall times
at all wavelengths. The responsivity of the device is independent of modulation
frequency up to about 800 MHz. The detector chip is hermetically-sealed behind a
flat glass window in a modified TO-18 package. The useful diameter of the
photosensitive surface is 0.5 mm.
The C30921EH is packaged in a lightpipe TO-18 which allows efficient coupling of
light to the detector from either a focused spot or an optical fiber up to 0.25 mm in
diameter. The hermetically-sealed TO-18 package allows fibers to be mated to the
end of the lightpipe to minimize signal losses without fear of endangering detector
stability. The C30902EH-2 or C30902SH-2, with hermetic TO-18 package with inline
905nm passband filter and the C30902BH, with hermetic ball lens, complete the
C30902 family.
Key Features
High quantum efficiency: 77%
typical at 830 nm
C30902SH and C30921SH can be
operated in Geiger mode
C30902EH/SH-2 version with
built-in 905 nm filter
C30902BH version with ball-lens
Hermetically sealed package
Low Noise at room temperature
High responsivity internal
avalanche gains in excess of 150
Spectral response range
(10% Q.E. points) 400 to 1000 nm
Time response typically 0.5 ns
Wide operating temperature
range -40°C to +70°C
RoHS compliant
Range finding
Small-signal fluorescence
Photon counting
Bar code scanning
Both C30902SH and C30921SH are selected C30902EH and C30921EH photodiodes
having extremely low noise and bulk dark-current. They are intended for ultra-low
light level applications (optical power less than 1 pW) and can be used in either
their normal linear mode (Vr < Vbr) at gains up to 250 or greater, or as photon
counters in the “Geiger” mode (Vr > Vbr) where a single photoelectron may trigger
an avalanche pulse of about 108 carriers. In this mode, no amplifiers are necessary
and single-photon detection probabilities of up to approximately 50% are possible.
Photon-counting is also advantageous where gating and coincidence techniques are
employed for signal retrieval.

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