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شماره قطعه RB52
شرح مفصل Axial Lead Precision Wirewound Resistors
تولید کننده TT electronics 
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RB52 شرح
Axial Lead Precision
Wirewound Resistors
RRBB/ RB/RR, VAB/RHR,, VSPA/ 7/00H0 SReri,esSP / 7000 Series
··AW x0Tio.ri1laeetrlowaLn1oc.e0euawtnodad±tt.Ps0R1r%eecsiissitoonrs
· 0.1 ohm to 12 megohms
·s 0.A1 ptop1r.o0 vweatdtsto M, P, & R levels
·s ToTleCraRn’scefrtoo±m.01±%2 ppm/°C to +6000 ppm/°C
·s 0.M1 oehemtstoo1r2 emxecgeoehdmss all applicable
s AMpprIoLv-eRd-9to3M&, PM, &ILR-lRev-3el9s005 ratings
s TCR’s from ±2 ppm/°C to +6000 ppm/°C
sMeets or exceeds all applicable MIL-R-93 & MIL-R-39005 ratings
The RB/RBR ultra precision resistors are designed and produced for critical parameter applications. They are available
for established reliability military and/or commercial applications requiring state of the art precision and stability.
Construction features may vary slightly between commercial and military styles, but both are produced under the same
rigid quality control system required by the tightest military specifications. Both are produced in the same production
line using the same highly trained operators required to produce the established reliability product.
All terminations are welded to reduce contact noise and thermal EMF. Extensive accelerated aging programs both
before and after calibration assure precise initial accuracy and high resistance stability.
Encapsulation is accomplished by a unique dry air chamber epoxy shell technique for established reliability parts. A
resilient inner coating is used to minimize internal stresses on all parts.
All resistors (military and commercial) are carefully monitored during assembly, winding, coating, and stabilization
procedures to assure high quality standards. Premium grade selected wire is control- stress wound on special designed
bobbins. Established reliability military parts are then burned in for 100 hours at 125°C ambient as part MIL-R-93, or
equivalent, of group A acceptance testing. Documentation and special tests are available upon customer request to
meet your unique requirements.
TCR and Temperature Data
Resistance Range ()
0.1 - 0.9
1.0 - 9.9
10 - 99.9
100 - 12M
Absolute TCR (ppm/°C)
Operating Temperature Range (°C)
-65 to +145
Special Screening / Acceptance Test:
Special tests can be performed on a 100% or sample basis, to meet individual customer requirements. Some of the
available non-destructive tests include:
s Short Time Overload
s Thermal Shock
s Mechanical Shock
s Vibration
s Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
s Radiographic Inspection
Each of these tests is designed to detect a spectrum of potential resistor defects. Consult the factory for recommendations
and a quotation on special screening or acceptance tests to meet your needs.
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