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شماره قطعه R5F51303AGFM
شرح مفصل 32-bit RX MCUs
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R5F51303AGFM شرح
RX130 Group
Renesas MCUs
32-MHz, 32-bit RX MCUs, 50 DMIPS, up to 128-KB flash memory,
Oct 30, 2015
up to 36 pins capacitive touch sensing unit, up to 6 comms channels, 12-bit A/D, D/A, RTC,
IEC60730 compliance, 1.8-V to 5.5-V single supply
32-bit RX CPU core
Max. operating frequency: 32 MHz
Capable of 50 DMIPS in operation at 32 MHz
Accumulator handles 64-bit results (for a single instruction) from
32-bit × 32-bit operations
Multiplication and division unit handles 32-bit × 32-bit operations
(multiplication instructions take one CPU clock cycle)
Fast interrupt
CISC Harvard architecture with 5-stage pipeline
Variable-length instructions, ultra-compact code
On-chip debugging circuit
Low power design and architecture
Operation from a single 1.8-V to 5.5-V supply
Three low power consumption modes
Low power timer (LPT) that operates during the software standby state
Supply current
High-speed operating mode: 96 A/MHz
Supply current in software standby mode: 0.37 A
Recovery time from software standby mode: 4.8 s
On-chip flash memory for code, no wait states
Operation at 32 MHz, read cycle of 31.25 ns
No wait states for reading at full CPU speed
Programmable at 1.8 V
For instructions and operands
On-chip data flash memory
8 Kbytes (1,000,000 program/erase cycles (typ.))
BGO (Background Operation)
On-chip SRAM, no wait states
10- to 16-Kbyte size capacities
Four transfer modes
Transfer can be set for each interrupt source.
Module operation can be initiated by event signals without using
Linked operation between modules is possible while the CPU is sleeping.
Reset and supply management
Eight types of reset, including the power-on reset (POR)
Low voltage detection (LVD) with voltage settings
Clock functions
External clock input frequency: Up to 20 MHz
Main clock oscillator frequency: 1 to 20 MHz
Sub clock oscillator frequency: 32.768 kHz
PLL circuit input: 4 MHz to 8 MHz
Low-speed on-chip oscillator: 4 MHz
High-speed on-chip oscillator: 32 MHz ± 1 %
IWDT-dedicated on-chip oscillator: 15 kHz
Generate a 32.768 kHz clock for the real-time clock
On-chip clock frequency accuracy measurement circuit (CAC)
Realtime clock
Adjustment functions (30 seconds, leap year, and error)
Calendar count mode or binary count mode selectable
Independent watchdog timer
15-kHz on-chip oscillator produces a dedicated clock signal to drive
IWDT operation.
Useful functions for IEC60730 compliance
Self-diagnostic and disconnection-detection assistance functions for
the A/D converter, clock frequency accuracy measurement circuit,
independent watchdog timer, RAM test assistance functions using the
DOC, etc.
PLQP0080KB-B 12 × 12mm, 0.5mm pitch
PLQP0064GA-A 14 × 14mm, 0.8mm pitch
PLQP0064KB-C 10 × 10mm, 0.5mm pitch
PLQP0048KB-B 7 × 7mm, 0.5mm pitch
PWQN0048KB-A 7 × 7mm, 0.5mm pitch
Input/output functions selectable from multiple pins
Up to 6 communication functions
SCI with many useful functions (up to 4 channels)
Asynchronous mode (Fine adjustable baud rate: 0 to 255/255), clock
synchronous mode, smart card interface mode
I2C bus interface: Transfer at up to 400 kbps, capable of SMBus
operation (one channel)
RSPI (one channel): Transfer at up to 16 Mbps
Up to 12 extended-function timersMPC
16-bit MTU: input capture, output compare, complementary PWM
output, phase counting mode (six channels)
8-bit TMR (four channels)
16-bit compare-match timers (two channels)
12-bit A/D converter
Capable of conversion within 1.4 μs
17 channels
Sampling time can be set for each channel
Conversion results compare features
Self-diagnostic function and analog input disconnection detection
assistance function
Double trigger (data duplication) function for motor control
D/A converter
Two channels
Capacitive touch sensing unit
Self-capacitance method: A single pin configures a single key,
supporting up to 36 keys
Mutual capacitance method: Matrix configuration with 36pins, supporting
up to 324 keys
Comparator B
Two channels
General I/O ports
5-V tolerant, open drain, input pull-up, switching of driving capacity
Temperature sensor
Unique ID
32-byte ID code for the MCU
Operating temperature range
 40 to +85C
 40 to +105C
General industrial and consumer equipment
R01DS0273EJ0100 Rev.1.00
Oct 30, 2015
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